Our Poly Life

Our life as a Polyamorous Quad, with 10 kids.

What is Our Poly Life 2011

In the beginning …

When we began our site in April of 2006 as a committed and cohabitating partially closeted poly-fi, cross-coupled quad (How’s that from people who don’t like labels?) we did so with the intention of reaching out to others from whom we could acquire understanding, advice, and inspiration. As our stories will affirm, we fell into polyamory quite by surprise, and had no resources from which to draw. We went searching, then researching, finally deciding to put ourselves into cyberspace with the hope of encountering others like us. Perhaps in our attempt to record our journey we can be of help to some, or at the very least, give comic relief to others.

There comes a time in the lives of each and every person when they look up and realize they have changed. And at some point in this realization they see that their partner has either grown and changed in a way that was compatible or they have taken a wholly other path. For the OPL quad this is what happened for us. The 20 year marriages have dissolved, the women have closed ranks and created a Domestic Partnership, and the men are navigating thru the waters of single fatherhood. Our archives chronicle the rise and fall of what we had hoped was an everlasting partnership, so feel free to start at the beginning. While our partnerships have morphed beyond the original intent we still parent 10 children and because of that will always be interconnected.

The “Our Poly Life”  (former)Quad: Fix, Temptress, The Laundry Goddess, and Mr. Big

****  Disclaimer-  All blog entries/archives  prior to August 1, 2009 chronicle our time as a functioning cross coupled quad. Any and all entries after that are the works of Temptress and The Laundry Goddess as they navigate the changing face of ” Our Poly Life.” All works published within this blog are the original works of the Our Poly Life Quad and may not be re-produced without our express permission.  We write openly and honestly  and our blog contains our opinions as the writers concerning our poly journey. We invite you to  read, to leave comments or feedback, however… This is OUR blog. It is full of OUR opinions. They are OURS. We own them. We will not apologize for them.

8 responses to “What is Our Poly Life 2011

  1. Passionate Kisses or "PK" says:

    My husband & I are very new to the lifestyle. Being the researcher that I am I need to know more about something before jumping into something and know about all the ins and outs of it while “in it”. I “Goggle”d “Poly Life” where I found a myriad of sources but one stood out to me, “Our Poly Life”.

    I’d like to read all that you wrote but come to find I need a password to learn all about the four of you with your children. With that being said, may I please have the password?


    • Just Us says:

      No need for a password, the blog is fully open now. We are moving on to a new one out of the poly realm. This one will remain for archival reasons only.

      Our best wishes,

      Temptress and the Laundry Goddess

  2. PolyCouple says:

    Being new to the Poly lifestyle, your blog really has helped my wife and I. Thank you!

    • Just Us says:

      We’re glad it’s been helpful. That is why we left it up. The Laundry Goddess and I appreciate all of our readers and their comments.


      • Erica says:

        So it seems that you are no longer living a poly lifestyle? Or has it just been that the quad is no longer a quad? I am just beginning the journey of contemplating a polyamorous lifestyle and I find myself questioning if I am introducing something into my marriage that I will eventually regret. Everything concerning the poly life seems to ring true within, yet it contradicts everything I’ve been taught about what is right.

  3. unnamed says:

    wow! super!

  4. Callie says:

    Is there anyway we could get an update about your life? I followed your blog all these years, and would love to know how you all are doing, or perhaps how your new blog is. Thanks!

    • Just Us says:

      Callie, the Laundry Goddess and I have just recently discussed adding an update. Watch for it over the next week or so. As for our other blog….. well to be honest we lost our heart for writing and being “single” mothers who now needed to earn a living after 20 years as wives and mothers, well that sort of got in the way. So no, at this point in time this no “other blog” but again it has been recently discussed now that our lives are settling into the new normal.

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