Our Poly Life

Our life as a Polyamorous Quad, with 10 kids.

This Was Not In The Brochure

on April 9, 2006

o.k… So in a house with 9 kiddos and 4 parental units one would expect the trading off of duties.
One would also expect that when a parent was un able to carry out parenting duties one of the other 3 could pull up the slack. Of course I am really referring to the task of being ” The Mommy.”

So the Goddess and I both awake to fever, chills, aches pains and the desire to be 6 ft under. Fix has already left for work an hour away. And Mr. Big is out of town on business. It isn’t long before the Goddess and I realize that we are in big trouble…

The 5 elementary kids have missed the bus, the baby and preschooler need caring for… and 2 of the middle schoolers are off to school… our YM13 has graciously BEGGED to stay home and “take of things”.

So what do you do when BOTH mommies are down. Well lucky us.. we called a Daddy. Fix finished a small project and drove the hour home to tend the kiddos. He really came to the rescue. Kids got a trip to the park… he grocery shopped.. WITH KIDS !! All were bathed and bedded by the appropriate hour and thru it all he graciously brought medicines and beverages to the sick bed and tended the ailing mommies.

As Goddess and I laid there contemplating our demise we came to the conclusion that as much as we relished the thought of actually getting to spend a full 12 hours in bed together… THIS was not the way to do it !

All in all… we survived, as did the kiddos and now poor Fix is the ailing one.



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