Our Poly Life

Our life as a Polyamorous Quad, with 10 kids.

Holy Good Grief Batman

on April 20, 2006

Ok…. So we got tired of taking 2 vehicles whenever we wanted to go out as a family. The solution for a family of 13….. a bus.

I kid you not… we bought a bus. It is similar to a hotel shuttle… not an orange school bus. The thing is painted white…. Straight white no other markings at all. Fix has decided it needs some pin striping and maybe a design… a logo to stand for our blended family.

So he has been hard at work designing one and lo and behold he thinks he has it. We of course think it is rather reminiscent of the bat signal. Or at the very least a sci-fi spider. I think we are conspicuous enough driving around in a bus without a huge creature painted across the side. But I guess that is truly better than the Poly infinity symbol my “I don’t care who knows we’re poly” hubby had originally wanted to paint on it. Yikes !



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