Our Poly Life

Our life as a Polyamorous Quad, with 10 kids.

Thelma And Louise

on April 20, 2006

So Mr. Big is allergic to cats. Not a little bit allergic…we are talking major allergic here !

Since the blending of our family 4 short months ago we have tried to incorporate our furbaby ( 9 yr old male kitty) into the family. Well after much deliberation we have come to the painful conclusion that our former indoor kitty can not be an outdoor kitty and is in fact very lonely without his humans. A few calls to family members now finds our furbaby about to be the new resident of my brothers home a few states away.

So the question is… how to get the furbaby there. Simple… Goddess and I have sweetly begged and cajoled the father type’s into agreeing to let us 2 girls split for the weekend and drive the furbaby 5 hours away to meet up with my brother and hand off said kitty.

So dear readers…. as of early Saturday, Goddess and I are heading out for parts unknown…. A full weekend, just us two girls and total anonymity. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh , sheer bliss !



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