Our Poly Life

Our life as a Polyamorous Quad, with 10 kids.

Who am I

on April 21, 2006

I was asked to write an introduction blog for this site, not even sure what a blog is, but here we go…

Hello, I’m Fix. I’m the better half of the two because I fix everything! (LOL) I am a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. One wife says I sell myself short. But I enjoy my work and I can do or fix practically anything. Of course, my work is never done around here. I maintain the house and grounds in addition to my full time job with utilities work. The women think they have it bad taking care of the kids, but just try taking care of the house that HOLDS all the kids.

I thought the idea of this website was a little goofy to start, but now that it’s going, I’m hoping to get some more information from others like us. I grew up in a pretty dysfunctional family and my desire is to break the cycle and make this generation better than the one I experienced. I’m not always great at it, and it’s a work in progress, but my heart is in the right place, and it’s what I want for my kids, all of them. The kids call me a marshmallow because sad puppy dog eyes will get me every time. I can also be hard headed and very firm with what I expect from everyone.

Always having a parent at home for the children, always having back up for one of us in an emergency (like recently when one of us experienced a death in the family and had to leave very suddenly), and the basic benefit of having four parents providing different skill sets are all wonderful ways our quad pulls together and makes things work for our family. Each of us brings something special to the children. Some of the children want to learn how to fix; other children just need to know someone can take care of them. There is security in numbers, so things are still taken care of when some are down and some are out. (See blog: “This was not in the brochure…”) The beauty of our arrangement is no one is left alone.

… not sure what else to say, other than, Howdy!


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