Our Poly Life

Our life as a Polyamorous Quad, with 10 kids.

Standing Strong

on June 2, 2006

Well the dew is definitely off the roses.
It’s now time to really see what this quad is made of.
Do we have what it takes to make it for the long haul ?? Well for the sake of our hearts and the 9 children we have brought together under one roof… I hope so.

It is now known by you our readers that Big is the “slow” one… he is the one who generally has the occasional green eyed monster panic attack. We all stop, take a deep breath and help him work through the issue of the moment. His attacks are coming less frequently now and he recovers at a much more rapid pace. But it can be tough on the other three to yo-yo around as Big’s emotions dictate.

ALL new relationships go thru transitions. The Honeymoon/NRE phase is fading now and we are moving into a more settled routine existence. Because Fix and I are a floor below and at the opposite end of the house it has been said that our lack of proximity may be contributing to the “separateness” factor.

So the decision has been made to do a bit of musical bedrooms between Fix and I and 3 of our daughters. The LM’s (13) and (11) will be moving to 2 bedrooms rooms downstairs. And LM (2) as well as Fix and myself will be moving into their vacated upstairs rooms adjacent to Big and Goddess. Fix and his skills will be creating a door to connect the two master bedrooms so that we have communal space but when separateness is needed…. Closing the door is all that is required.

O.k. so we are closing the gap so to speak… the proximity issue is soon to be solved. So now we move on to the task at hand. And that is take each day and issue as it appears and do what we can to make this work. We made promises and commitments and we intend to stand by them. No one is willing to give up what we have. We all agree that what we have is a gift and that we are committed to working thru each and every problem as they come. After 16+ years of marriage each we know what it takes to make a marriage of 2 work and making a blended marriage of 4 work, will take even more patience and understanding.

So as much as we would like to fill our blog with only the good stuff…. As I think you will see from each of us over the next few blog sessions…. We are “working thru the rough spots”.



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