Our Poly Life

Our life as a Polyamorous Quad, with 10 kids.

Precious Time

on June 13, 2006

Being the ripe old age of 39, I know how fast time can go by. I’ve spent many years wasting my time on dead end jobs and sacrificing time better spent with my family. Temptress and I have been married for fifteen plus years. I’ve been your average trade worker, traveling throughout the country bringing warmth to your life, light to your life, and I’ve probably cleaned your car a time or two. I’ve done a little bit of everything under the sun. I’ve learned how to fix just about anything and everything there is. Some people call me McGuyver, and some people call me Mr. Incredible, but I’m known at home as Fix. Through life you learn how to take apart things, put things back together. You can weld it, put a bolt in it, but some things you can’t fix. Hearts are one of them.

Hearts break. You can glue them back together, but the scars are always there. And believe me, I’ve left a few on Temptress. But we’ve always been able to work things out through love, patience and time – precious time. As Fix I wish could I could fix the problems she has with Big, but as relationships go, they need time to build and grow and it takes a part of both to work through the rough times. I understand that Big has a spiritual dilemma over the conditions in which our new lives have placed us. I know he’ll come through eventually. So for this I stand back, be quiet, and let time work out the problems. We all have our ups and downs; some more than others. But that’s the point of going with the speed of the slowest and it’s working so far. But until then, there are times when it’s hard for not only just me, but Goddess as well, to keep our mouths shut.

You see, Goddess and I are two peas in a pod. Everything between us worked out perfect and smooth. We can talk without talking, and we listen to each other and sense our needs and desires. Finding time is the toughest part when the other half of our quad is in turmoil. For Big and Temptress, they have business related events, drive times, and the like which gives them hours of alone time. For Goddess and I, due to my work schedule, we’re lucky to share an hour in the morning to ourselves. Occasionally, we have some time every week or two when an evening meeting runs late for our partners. We knew this would be the way from the beginning, so time is precious for us too. That’s why we make the most of every minute.



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