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crime and puishment

on October 28, 2008

what  would you do?

Come on

Recently temptress and I have had a disagreement on the outcome of the punishment for YM16  Saturday he decided to go into a room and steel $20.00 out of her wallet so he could get a game card to play online when he was questioned if he had taken the money out of her wallet his first answer was no

 Though Monday was   his birthday And with all the kids that are over thirteen they get hundred dollars for their birthday, so I went over to the house for his birthday party.  As I was sitting in the office with temperss the young men thirteen came in excited about being able to play online with YM16card to play this game he then told how much it cost and was $22.00 now the boy now sixteen didn’t have that much money on him he was given $10.00 a day before to go and put in applications.  At that time I was told about her $20.00 that was missing so you put two and two together and you come up with the fact that he, took $20.00 from her wallet.  Since we were the two families the big book of rules state that the punishment should fit the crime even though it was before his birthday stealing is stealing no matter how you see a crime the fact is that he went to her wallet and took money . lied about it two days before his birthday. 


Birthdays are a special day a day of your birth and we give gifts for that . now Temperss and I disagree on the punishment that he should receive she feels that taking his money away that is part of his birthday gift should not happen so the punishment that you should receive should be separate from his birthday we have a disagreement there because I believe that you should not reward money for stealing of money I believe that you should not separate the fact that he stole money


Now the punishment that he got was 30 day without a scooter in three months of no computer and discard was revoked an online gaming account was deleted now for me I think that was too light he’s still got his hundred dollars I feel that he should have had his money taken and hailed for 90 days on top of his other punishment. 


What kind of a message are we sending to the other children that no matter what no matter how hard the crime that they do that they will always receive their birthdays Christmas and Easter gifts even if they did the crime the day before.  I feel that the punishment was too light that he got away with a major crime and that it sent a message to the other children that no matter what they can get away with stealing with a slap on the hand and still receive their gifts. 


What message are we giving these children in life that it’s OK to steal even though it’s the day before your birthday young men sixteen got greedy if he awaited 24 hours he would have had his money to get his game.  But instead stealing was OK because now he got his money now he just has to wait a little bit to use a computer and to ride his scooter. 



Did the crime justify what he got or did the punishment fit the crime         fix


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