Our Poly Life

Our life as a Polyamorous Quad, with 10 kids.

Why we are here

on November 2, 2008

We have been asked often why we began this blog and why we keep at it. Secondarily, we have been thanked over and over again for our openess and honesty and willingness to share even the yucky not so happy parts.

Well.. we do so for several reasons. One of which is becasue when we started this journey there were very few resources and certainly even fewer for quads and even less for those choosing to cohabitate.

Another is because we wanted people to see us real and “normal”. To shed a light on polyamory and help in our very small way to help bring acceptance to our version of an alternate lifestyle.

For all of the reasons I doubt I could have said it any more eloquently than  Tristan Taormino,  the author of  “Opening Up.”

Here is a portion of her blog entry posted 10.16.08….

*** Our society is poised to change dramatically in the next decade. Like other minorities before us, polyamorous people need to come out when it’s safe to do so and educate our loved ones, our neighbors, our doctors and others around us about our lives. We need to tell our stories. I’ve had the privilege to hear the stories of hundreds of people in non-monogamous relationships. Like Leslie from Minnesota whose two husbands supported her through chemotherapy after she was diagnosed with cancer. Or Cat in Oklahoma, who lost custody of her children for being polyamorous. Or a poly circle of four in the Pacific Northwest who have owned a house and raised their kids together for over fifteen years. We must speak our truths. If we don’t tell the world who we are, people are left to imagine, to fall back on stereotypes, to create fictions which don’t represent us.

Larry and Joan Constantine took a leap of faith thirty five years ago and started knocking on doors to find others like them. We need to take a cue from them and start busting down some doors of our own. If we join together, support each other, and increase our visibility, we can only get stronger. And we need our strength because WE are at the forefront of those who will redefine love, commitment, and family in this century. ***



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