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on November 4, 2008

The alarm went off at 6:15 am this morning.  I got up, dressed, and without my coffee headed out the door into the dark of morning to partake of my civic rights.  Ten minutes later, Big and Temptress headed out in a different direction to do the same.  Due to a fluke and some laziness on my part, I’m still registered to our former address, while Big and Temptress are voting at the current residence.  We still share all the same districting, but the polling places are different, and due to the fact we will be moving – yet again – come summer, I wasn’t of the mindset to go through the hassles of switching everything up, just to have to do it again in 7 months time.  Anyway, on with the story…

I was in line by 6:35, along with about 250 other people (I heard similar claims from Big and Temptress) and we all stood there feeling very patriotic and somewhat amazed at the turnout for so early in the day.  The line from the voting place wrapped around three sides of an elementary school and into the teacher’s parking lot.  Our state claims that 35% of all registered voters have already cast their ballot prior to Election Day; and with Americans turning out in record numbers, one could already feel the passion wound into this pivotal election.  I waited in line for approximately an hour before I made it to a ballot booth.  I slid in the yellow card and worked my way through the candidates, amendments, and special funding sections.  It took mere moments to complete the process and I stood there looking over the synopsis of my choices.  It was a serene and almost sacred moment as my finger hovered above the “cast now” button.

The Electorals in my state have already made their decision.  According to the media, the election is already decided.  According to every national map I’ve seen, no matter what I chose today, it most likely will not dictate how my state will fall.  There is a most somber moment when you stand for something that may stand for nothing.  The vote I was about to cast, along with that of possibly hundreds in line behind me, was about to be meaningless because the Electoral College was already decided without actually hearing my voice.  So why bother? 

I bother because if I abdicate my choices, I lay down one of the fundamental rights we have as an American.  We don’t have a lot of rights here, just those to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  And the right to PURSUE happiness doesn’t guarantee we’ll ever find it, it just means we can keep on looking.  I think a lot of people confuse a right with a choice.  The American legal society has brainwashed many into thinking Americans have rights that extend far into the realm of personal choice.  (But that is wholly another blog, so for now I’ll digress…)

All these thoughts ran through my head while the finger hovered.  I looked over my shoulder to see several hundred others waiting patiently at the ass crack of dawn for the same privilege I was now taking.  The pad of my finger touched the screen and the yellow card popped back out at me.  Maybe there are a lot of things wrong in this world, maybe we’ve done only a relatively (in)decent job at handling the world we’ve been given, but today I stood up and did something that makes me feel better about myself.  I acted when I could have sat.  Instead of complaining about the problems, I rallied myself to be part of the solution.  Today I, and record breaking others, are speaking out and letting their voice be heard.  May the incoming President and his associates be willing to listen and act on behalf of those of us doing our part in an imperfect system.

I walked in the door at home shortly before 8 a.m.  The kids were in breakfast preparations, running busily about enjoying their day off from school.  As a parent I want to convey to them that we have choices in life; that we can act in ways that make our situation better; and that there are no victims in this life unless we choose to be one.  By tomorrow morning, our country will be in the transitioning hands of new leadership.  I hope the things we do today, make tomorrow better for all of us.

~the laundry goddess, November 4, 2008


One response to “GO VOTE!!!

  1. Great post! Even if things seem a foregone conclusion, the very act of voting is an important task in a republic or democracy.
    Now if only Election Day were a holiday from work and family responsiblities, it’d become a real reason to celebrate…

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