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TMI Tuesday #159

on November 4, 2008

Temptress and I were working on updating the blog recently (ok, she was working on it while I watched and commented) when we stumbled across some anacronyms we were not familiar.  Upon a Google search, we agreed to participate in a variety of fun filled thematic blog days.  I can’t always promise, but from here on out, expect a variety of TMI Tuesdays, Wordless Wendesdays, Half Nekkid Thursdays, and WTF Fridays.  If the willingness to kiss and tell is the only requirement, we’re in!


We lulled in our posts over the last year and we appreciate our dear readers for hanging in there with us.  Life is LIFE and ours isn’t always pretty or particularly interesting.  So, we’re raising our proverbial toasting glass to new topics and conversation starters.  Feel free to add your answers in the comment sections!


TMI Tuesday 11-04-08

1. Have you ever had a moving violation? An auto accident? That was your fault?

LG ~ yes (failure to clear an intersection – I ran a yellow light); yes (several, only one of the fender benders would be technically my fault and guess what?  I hit Big in our own car… be careful with thinking familiarity keeps you safe!)
T~ I’ve had accidents, just not at my fault.  But in 26 years of driving I’ve had no tickets until the last 12 months.  Georgia cops are a pain in my ass!


2. Have you ever voted? How old were you the first time you voted?

LG~ I’ve voted in every election since my 18th birthday in 1986 and I feel very strongly about it!

T~ I was 21 my first election.  I’ve voted in each election since.


3. Are you glad this election cycle is over?

LG~ I’m certainly not happy with the political mud slinging most campaigns provide, and I’m very definitely interested in getting some movement towards a better tomorrow.  Washington seems to be somewhat constipated at the moment and that couldn’t be good for America.

T~ Yes.


4. Do you have guilty pleasure? What is it (or are they)?

LG~ oh ya… usually in the form of chocolate, some blogs I enjoy, and my Temptress.

T~ “ditto the above”

5. What is the most embarrassing thing you have done recently?

LG~ I’m not all that easily embarrassed these days, but I think it would have to be a time when someone I was with started acting outside acceptable public behavior and I was left feeling very watched and very uncomfortable.

T~ I honestly try and forget those…

Bonus: How much impact has the Wall Street and general economic wilt had on you?

LG~ Due to Big’s business, we’re incredibly tied to the economy and how well it is doing.  I’m shocked at how many “career changes” his business has endured in recent years and how difficult it is to launch each new baby and make it profitable.  So, yes, we’re feeling the pinch.

T~ Its had a huge impact because of the type of business Big is in.  Fix’s employment is in the “luxury spending” category, so we wonder each day the viability of his company.  Now that we have teens willing and eager to enter the job market, their options are extrememly limited.


One response to “TMI Tuesday #159

  1. I remember back in my day (didn’t you hate it when your grandfather would preface what he said with that phrase?) it was still pretty easy for kids to get some sort of job (paper route, petsitting, etc.).
    Nowadays adults have many of those jobs now.

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