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Kids Say the Darndest Things

on November 7, 2008

For those of you who may not yet be of the opinion that mass market advertising and the power of internet makes an impact on kids, read on…


Our son Stinky (age 10) has to be the most eclectic child on the planet.  A not so subtle mix of sensitivity and pure gross-ness, this child and his creative mind is a constant source of resigned humor to the Mommies.  Said child has earned the rank of Safety Patrol at his school and therefore must arrive 30 minutes early each morning on alternating months.  So we’re on our way to school this morning, when the following conversation ensues:


Stinky:  “I think we should get a large bag of Toxic Waste.”


Taxi Mom:  “And what exactly would you do with a bag of Toxic Waste?”


Stinky:  “I would jump in it and get some super powers!”


Taxi Mom:  “I think, perhaps, jumping into a bag of Toxic Waste would not give you super powers,” (and now with visions of 1980-something RoboCop movies dancing in my head) “Instead, it would probably peel off all your skin; you would melt and there by be dead.”


Stinky:  “That’d be cool.”  (thoughtful pause)  “Hey Mom…  Do you think a Radioactive Bug would work?”


Taxi Mom:  “Ya, perhaps.  But where do you think we could find a Radioactive Bug?”


Stinky:  On eBay!!!


Once I collected myself from an overwhelming case of laughter, I pictured this child 25 years from now…

  • A mad scientist type with a creepy but effective cure for leprosy involving some sort of third world flesh eating entomology he discovered while paddling down the Amazon with his dog; or perhaps
  • One of those college Professors that seems all too eccentric but is most certainly the most brilliant individual on the planet, and everyone wants to take his classes so you have to camp out the night before schedules are due to make sure you get in this time; or perhaps he’ll be
  • The straight laced type who becomes famous when his now grown children publish in his honor a collection of short stories he used to make up for them when they were kids.


Parents, no matter how much they want to deny it, always have preconceived notions about Who and What their kids will become.  We take this parental pride and add it to the child’s base personality sprinkled with bits of grandiose accomplishment.  We want kids to grow and develop into every ounce of potential instilled in them by The Creator.  That tiny thing we held in our arms years ago had inside of it every wonderful possibility.  All we have to do is try hard not to mess it up; to guide without suppression, to love without dependency, and to release without guilt.


In 1992, my God gave me the first in a series of miraculous gifts.  Each and every day since then has been a glimpse of Deity’s Divine.  Good luck finding that on eBay.


~the laundry goddess, November 7, 2008


One response to “Kids Say the Darndest Things

  1. If you want to give YM10 any more wise ideas, turn him on to Girl Genius. Mad science!

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