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Frugal Friday

on November 28, 2008

It’s been three weeks since we first posted about our attempt to make our own washing detergent… for those not interested in our domestic diva-ness, feel free to skip along.  For everyone else, here is my Frugal Follow Up:  I made roughly 3.5 gal of liquid detergent, it lasted exactly three weeks.  The clothes look just as good, smell fantastic, and have a nice soft feeling to them.


In addition to cleaning our clothes, I’ve discovered (because, yes, I’m just that OCD) the detergent also cleans the inside of my washing machine as well.  You know that gross scummy build up that accumulates under the rim and down inside the fabric softener dispenser?  Well, my machine is free of it, and this time, not of my doing.  I used to go in about twice a month with an old toothbrush and scrub it out.  This time, I didn’t have to.  The combination of soap and vinegar did all the work for me, and there is no more build up.  Color me happy!


So today, I set about making another batch of detergent.  It took not quite 25 minutes to grind the soap, melt it, mix in the additives, and dilute into the 5 gal bucket, and then clean up my mess – How easy is that?  This time I bumped the borax a bit and made just shy of a full 5 gal bucket.  According to my research I was over soaping (I just wanted to make sure it worked the first time) so I’m looking forward to seeing how the more dilute mixture works, but I expect it will be the same.


At this time, no amount of money could make me switch back to store bought detergent.  I feel good about my clothes, and our clothes feel good on us!


~the laundry goddess, 11-28-08


One response to “Frugal Friday

  1. […] the Laundry Goddess swears she’ll never go back to store bought detergent again. That’s a pretty large endorsement for family that goes through 100 loads of laundry a month! […]

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