Our Poly Life

Our life as a Polyamorous Quad, with 10 kids.

Happy President’s Day

on February 16, 2009

The four year old has been relentlessly reminding us that today was President’s Day.  She knows this because it is the day after breakfast dinner and the kids are not at school.  (It is typical preschool logic.  Breakfast dinner = Sunday; the next day = school.)  Thusly, if the kids are home on a school day, something big is up.  The something big is actually report cards (teacher workday) but the county uses President’s Day as the excuse to let the kids stay home.


About the 90th time she came to inform us, “Today is President’s Day!!!” Temptress snapped back, “I know…  and they’re all dead.”


To which our precious lobbyist retorted, “Barack Obama isn’t dead!” 


So, does that say something about our home and the attention this election received?  Our four year old thinks she is on a first name basis with the president. 


Maybe it is just a powerful representation of the hope we all have for our nation.  Maybe some of that hope will rub off on other aspects of our life that could use some new hope.  Time for Change…  it’s a powerful idea.


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