Our Poly Life

Our life as a Polyamorous Quad, with 10 kids.

TMI Tuesday #177

on March 10, 2009

This week’s questions were interesting.  Let’s proceed:


Are you pro-marriage?  Why or why not?

            LG~ I think it’s a reasonable choice for those who want such an arrangement.

            T~ I am not pro-marriage in the legalistic or Christian view of such.  I don’t believe true marriage is an institution, it is a matter of the heart.


Have you ever invented or thought you invented a sexual position?

            LG~ well, ya, sort of, but I highly doubt we were the first ones to figure it out.  I can say it is not in the 1001 sexual positions chart I bought on the streets of NYC for $1.

            T~  That would be an “upside down banana split.”  Ah, those were the days…


Do you like to be tied up?  Always or sometimes?

            LG~ The times I’ve tried it, enjoyed it, but can’t say it would be a routine option.

            T~ Only when the mood stikes.


Do you consider online cybering adultery?

            LG~ depends on the predetermined statutes of your romantic relationship(s).

            T~ If the question is referring to online sexual conversation or erotic photo swapping, then yes, I would consider it adultery unless cleared by all parties.


Do you prefer masturbation over real sex?

            LG~ Depends on what you mean by “real sex?”  I prefer skin to skin intimate contact over self stimulation, but I prefer my own practiced hand or toy over meaningless or unenjoyable encounters.

            T~ NO.  yik.  Talk about missing out.


Do you want sex more times a day than your partner?

            LG~ No.  I’m lucky enough to always have willing partners any time I’m interested.

            T~ Oh, hell yes, that is a definite without a doubt, without question, YES.


Do you get offended when you partner openly flirts with others or are you okay with it?

            LG~ Generally, I’m ok with it, but sometimes I think it’s inappropriate or poorly managed.

            T~ Light flirtation is acceptable.


Do you think you’re flirty by nature?

            LG~ Ya.  ‘Think so.

            T~ I have my moments.


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