Our Poly Life

Our life as a Polyamorous Quad, with 10 kids.

Summer Heat

on July 23, 2011

This summer once again finds us cloisted behind closed and air conditioned doors as blistering heat bakes our portion of the U.S.

To be honest however this summer seems to have flown by. We have just at 21 days before the first day of school for our crew begins. The month of June found our kids bouncing from father to father, grand parent to grand parent and camp to camp. It truly was an act of logistical juggling to be sure no one was missed in the grand scheme of things.

Now as we draw near the close of July, Fix, Goddess, and myself are excitedly planning a trip to see our oldest son graduate from Army Basic Training next week. This is a special time for him and one that causes introspection and fond reflection for me.

Miss Academic is finally realizing the close of summer means she needs to step up her sorting and packing activities in preparation for her leave taking to the College she has chosen for her higher education. Goddess and I are excited to take her to school, see her settled in and watch as she launches herself into life as an adult.

Our next in line son, Scout, has been away since the end of  May as a counselor at BSA camp. He has been very missed and we will all be so very happy to have him home. He grew 3 inches  last summer and we are pretty certain he may well have reached that again this year. He has matured into such an amazing young man and his quiet presence is nice to have in our now ” Mother’s only” home.

With Drummer Boy, now named Soldier, and Miss Academic both flying our nest, LG and I are left with 7 of our 10 kiddos to see to adult hood and we know that the next 3 years will see us down 2 more. Our Poly Life has taken on such a different look and with each passing day our family continues to change and morph and as well applaude the growth and maturity of our children we wait in anxious anticipation of each new phase of our life.



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