Our Poly Life

Our life as a Polyamorous Quad, with 10 kids.

In the beginning

Chapter 1


As I packed my bag for our vacation I felt a tingle of excitement about our upcoming adventure.  Many thoughts and images flashed in my mind, each racier than the next.

One particularly enticing vision had me grasping the bedpost for support. Thinking back on the last six months, I realized how far much our lives had changed and how supremely satisfying our marriage had become. To most our situation is out of the norm…. but to the 4 of us. It is just right.


We had met Danielle and Clay by happenstance while they were vacationing in our town. We struck up conversation and found much in common. Dani and I were particularly drawn to one another as friends. We spent the next 3 days showing them the sites and enjoying our newfound companions. We had many things in common with each other, including our own appearances and we were comforted by these many small details. When it came time for them to go home, we exchanged email addresses and phone numbers and hoped one day to get together again.


Over the next 6 years many changes came to the 4 of us. The addition of a new child for each, job changes, and moves. Through it all Dani and I stayed in touch, emailing daily, multiple times and phone calls on occasion. The guys were so busy with work that they kept abreast of the entire goings on thru us and so in a natural progression, we ladies formed a bond that in a sense became love. We loved and cared for each other in the way only women can.


This of course brings me to last winter. Dani and I both had unknowingly to each other found ourselves unsettled with ourselves and needing to change. We no longer felt that who we were was true to our inner selves. Clay and Nick were both shocked and yet and intrigued at the changes they saw in us. New hair colors and styles, a complete wardrobe change and more heightened sexuality, to name a few of the changes. Eventually in our emails Dani and I realized that we had been traveling a parallel path in these changes and it bonded us even tighter and then Dani took a chance that she knew could have repercussions.


During a computer chat session she carefully mentioned a dream she had, and this dream involved my husband and myself. She tossed information about the encounter in my lap and then we sort of laughed it off. That night Nick and I talked about our day as we lay in bed. I mentioned I had heard from Dani and I told him of her rather erotic dream. Nick was surprised but yet intrigued by her admission and asked if I had ever thought of bringing another woman into our bed, if even for a 1 time adventure. I discussed with him that yes the thought had crossed my mind, but of course I didn’t feel comfortable with that in the fact that I was rather territorial over what was mine and didn’t know if bringing another woman into our bed was something I  could live with.  We pretty much let the subject drop and other than the occasional teasing remark or innuendo, we thought nothing more of it.


A few months passed and again a computer chat session found Dani and I deep discussion and eventually she came out and said she and Clay had discussed bringing a couple into their relationship. They wanted more than sex or casual one-night stands. They were looking for another couple whom they could come to care for, and bond with and join, not only in sexual adventures, but with the simple pleasures of life.


Ordinarily I think I would have been surprised at such an admission… but as she was saying this I felt my heart quicken, my breathing went shallow and then an image formed in my head. It was then that I realized I cared for Dani and Clay beyond friendship. And I wanted Nick and I to be the couple they shared this experience them. Dani and I continued to talk of what she and Clay wanted and how they hoped this relationship would be and I found myself verbally agreeing to this now spoken invitation. I was touched and humbled that Nick and I were the couple to whom they felt they could turn. Dani and I spent the day talking and digesting this new step in our “friendship” and then as evening crept upon us, it was time to tell the guys.


It really was easier than I had imagined in telling Nick. I simply took him to our bed that night and told him his wish was granted. He was going to have Dani as a sexual partner. But I explained to him it was more than Dani and it was more than sex. It was a true loving relationship between couples. Nick was a bit taken aback at first. He, typical to male form had no issues with bringing Dani into “our” bed…. But with Clay coming as part of the package in a true couples relationship. Well, that was more than he had ever thought and he had issues with “giving” me to another man. We went long into the night discussing how we each felt, problems and high points and the logistics of it all. We finally ended the night with amazing magical lovemaking, affirming our love and commitment to our marriage and each other, understanding that in taking another couple into our marriage we would not be taking another man or another woman…. We would be bringing in a couple whom we cared for to share what we each had and to enhance the love we had. Nick came to feel that he wasn’t giving me over to Clay, but rather each of the men was entrusting the other with the most precious parts of them . Weeks went by with many computer chats and phone calls between the 4 of us, working out logistics and calming fears and concerns. We decided our first get together would be a long weekend only as friends vacationing together. Nothing of a sexual nature would be expected or planned.


We met Clay and Dani at a vacation cottage about 50 miles north of our home. The weekend was spent dining and dancing, reconnecting with each other and enjoying the company of friends. Knowing nothing was expected of anyone was comforting and helped to tamp the awkwardness we expected to feel. As the moon rose on the 3rd evening the 4 of us felt comfortable enough with each other that the evening hot tub session was accomplished  sans clothing. As we sat in the bubbling water with the steam drifting lazily about us Nick took me gently in his arms and kissed me slowly and tenderly and caressed my body. As our kiss deepened and continued we noticed Clay and Dani were engaged in the same tender actions. Nick looked me deeply in the eyes and then lifted me onto his lap and slid his manhood gently between my folds. Slowly and sweetly he moved in a delicate motion of lovemaking. We forgot anyone else was with us, we became so enamored with each other so when I felt soft and gentle hands sliding around me to cup me breasts I caught my breath in excitement. And as I felt Dani’s lips softly on my neck I relaxed and enjoyed the touch of the man I loved and the woman who I now loved as well.


I had no thought of Clay, I was so caught up in my husband and Dani and the way they made me feel. And then in my ear I heard Dani sighing softly and then her breathing quickened and she and I began to moan in shared ecstasy. Our husbands were caressing our bodies and making love to us in the sweetest and most gentle of ways. While Dani and I shared soft kisses and loving touches.


 As the 4 of us reached our climax together we slid gently into the spa seats and enjoyed the feelings of such a tender and new experience. When it was time to retire the 4 of us paired off with our spouses and enjoyed a healthy and fun night of lovemaking on our own, and waking in the soft morning light to fondly reflect on the evening before.


As we enjoyed our leisurely breakfast together, we realized the difficulty we would face in a few short hours as we took our leave of each other and headed back to our “lives”. It had been a wonderful weekend and we explored and bonded in ways we did not ever expect and saying goodbye was amazingly tough.


We spent the following weeks and months going about our daily life and yet Clay and Dani were never far from our thoughts. Many phone conversations and computer chat sessions ensued always with our next meeting in mind. And now the waiting and anticipation is at its peak as we prepare to head off for an adventure where the 4 of us will be spending a week together at a Caribbean resort.


Chapter 2


Dani rolled over and dreamily lifted one eye to the neon glow of her alarm clock.  Could it really be time to arise and prepare for a new day of responsibilities?  She sat up with a smile on her face – what an amazing dream she’d had.  But wait, it wasn’t a dream at all.  She turned around to see Clay resting peacefully; back home in their own bed her husband could finally relax.  She understood the feeling.  It’d been quite an experience they’d just shared with their friends Sera and Nick.


Dani had met Sera by chance, although neither of them, as they’d come to discover, believed in chance at all.  The ladies shared many similar beliefs and attitudes about life, love, and their world.  Sera was short and petite with the most delicate of features.  Her name, meaning “a heavenly, winged angel,” suited her most appropriately.  She had long flowing red locks, and the most iridescent gray/green eyes which sparkled with electricity when she smiled.  The ladies were practically inseparable and most in tune with the other’s feelings and emotions.  Their connection was disturbingly spooky in the beginning, but came to be a source of great comfort between them as time went by.


Dani stood up and stretched her naked body high into the air.  This would be another day of forcing through the required obligations until she could find for herself an opportunity to steal a few minutes away from her busy life of work and family, and unwind in the comfort of her friend’s voice.  Ever since she and Clay had returned from their little excursion to the Caribbean with Sera and Nick, it seemed focusing on the daily requirements was as laborious as the mountains of household tasks that consumed her “free” time.  She ran her hands through her brunette waves and headed in to draw her morning bath.


Dani had always been drawn to the water, being raised around water most of her life, it was calming to her.  Any water, any where, any time could instantly soothe her and bring her peace.  The tub this morning was warm and aromatic.  Dani laid back and let the vanilla liquid envelope her body.  The feeling brought a smile as she lost herself in the memories…


That trip to the Caribbean had been a joke, an after thought; something casually tossed into the air as a “one day” suggestion.  No way could they pull off an impromptu getaway with the chaotic lives they led.  It would have been hard enough for one of them to manage leaving, but both couples?  Each household had jobs, children, and schedules.  These couples were not the type to gallivant recklessly about when needed in their places of commitment.  But once the suggestion had been made, none of the four of them could contain their energy or giddiness at the thought of time away together.


The ocean air was intoxicating that week.  Balmy breezes and clear waters were therapeutic and energizing.  The couples enjoyed time together walking on the beach and sharing more of their life stories.  One evening while enjoying sunset from their ocean side balcony, the wine flowed freely.  Not enough to intoxicate, but most certainly to ease away the tensions from the worlds they’d left behind.  The four friends eased into comfortable couches and begin talking, as they had so many times before.


As much as the ladies were similar, the men were different.  Both incredibly brilliant, the men led different lives at work:  one a deal maker, the other a highly skilled technician.  It was a nice balance between them, each compensating for a weakness in the other.  This was reassuring and comforting to the ladies, knowing that whatever situation might one day present itself, those caring men would be able to handle.  Although both Nick and Clay were handsome in their own right, the differences in their appearance and style were an intriguing combination.  One soft, the other tough; one brassy, the other tender; one hopelessly romantic; the other energetic and adventurous.  These styles carried over to their love making as well.


The women had discovered by a husband’s prank just how captivating they found the other.  The wine had been a nice start, but all were beginning to feel a bit hungry and the gentlemen were sent in search of the perfect take out.  Dani and Sera had continually entertained the idea of encouraging a closer bond between the four since that night in the cottage hot tub.  For the ladies, that came easy.  The physical bonds being merely an extension of their friendship, and the playful exploration taking longer hours and deeper meaning with each encounter.  Their husbands knew, and seemed to understand that deeper bond and they were content with allowing those moments between Dani and Sera, although they’d never been witness.  But this night in particular, the men returned to their suite with dinner to find the ladies wrapped in each other’s arms, asleep.  Clay smiled knowingly to Nick, and quietly slipped in beside Sera.  He bent down close to her ear and whispered, “dinner time, come and eat.”


Without any hesitancy, Sera’s head turned toward the voice that called to her.  Her lips turned up; her eyes still drowsily closed.  Clay looked surprisingly at Nick, who stared at the new pair with a look that read as permission.  Clay moved the last four inches to Sera’s waiting lips and gently lingered there.  For a moment it was like kissing Sleeping Beauty.  Time stood still.  But then quite unexpectedly, Sera began to return Clay’s kiss, softly at first, but then more urgently and passionately.  With this, Nick dropped to his knees, anticipating a similar response from his friend of many years.  But when he bent to kiss Dani, her eyes opened with purpose and she stared longingly into his eyes.  Her eyes told him everything he needed to know, and they kissed.


After what seemed like an eternity, Sera opened her eyes and smiled.  She withdrew from Clay and turned to see the last moment of the kiss her husband was sharing with another woman.  Strangely enough, neither Sera nor Dani felt any apprehension or jealousy.  They had shared love for each other for years, and now it had effortlessly extended itself through time and closeness to the men that shared their lives.  Perhaps the men seemed slightly in disbelief that the ladies would be ready for such a step, but the eruption of giggles from the now sitting blanketed forms spoke volumes.


They ate their dinner impatiently, each somehow knowing where the evening would take them.  Laughing together, enjoying stolen glances around the table, each party searched the others for signs of discomfort or anxiety.  None seemed to exist.  Uncharacteristically of this group, dinner seemed to pass quickly, each picking at the food in front of them.  All becoming more giddy as the minutes ticked by.  Finally Nick stood up, grabbed Danielle’s hand and began to lead her to the bedroom.  Dani grabbed the hand of her friend Sera, who then in turn took hands with Clay.  The group fell passionately into that large king bed and began what could only have looked like to the passerby two teenage couples necking feverishly in the back seat of a car.  Only these friends weren’t inexperienced teen agers.  They knew exactly what they were doing.  They knew exactly what they wanted.


Time was their friend that night.  Kisses were traded.  Hands held.  Reassurance was given.  And love was explored.  Their love making exceeded any preconceived labels.  This felt good and right to them.  Somewhere in the back of their heads there might have been a twinge of self examination, knowing the world around them would not look lightly on what they had discovered.  Caution must be taken, but not for the purposes of protecting anyone’s reputation, but for the purposes of guarding their hearts and protecting the ones they now knew they loved as deeply as the next.


Dani opened her eyes and and glared hatefully at the harsh reality that was her bathroom clock.  It was past time to engage herself back in her world – the world away from her soul mates.  She rose to towel herself, feeling the chilly November air prickle her skin and longing for the kiss of that Caribbean sun and of all it reminded her.  She smiled to herself knowing that with what they had shared, this new path of their lives together would take time to nurture, but the projected destination so worthwhile.  She was a woman in love, not just within the normal bounds, but so much so her heart felt as it would explode right from her chest.  She took a deep breath.  “One day at a time, each more glorious than the last,” she whispered to herself.  And with that, her day began.


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  1. Rebecca says:

    Ahh coming back to reality.. Such a downer.

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