Our Poly Life

Our life as a Polyamorous Quad, with 10 kids.

What is Our Poly Life ?? 2006 – 2010

In the beginning …

Together we have ten children (each couple has five) that range in age between 6 and 23; six girls, four boys – nine of which are still at home. In the spirit of a true blended family, the little darlings will not be identified with their biological parents, as we are now fully incorporated and working hard to  extinguish the “mine and yours” lines that naturally occur with young and immature minds.  As you read our blogs you will see we will be referring to the kids by their “blog” names.. check out  the “Meet the Kids”  page to get to know them)

When we began our site in April of 2006 as a committed and cohabitating partially closeted poly-fi, cross-coupled quad (How’s that from people who don’t like labels?) we did so with the intention of reaching out to others from whom we could acquire understanding, advice, and inspiration. As our stories will affirm, we fell into polyamory quite by surprise, and had no resources from which to draw. We went searching, then researching, finally deciding to put ourselves into cyberspace with the hope of encountering others like us. Perhaps in our attempt to record our journey we can be of help to some, or at the very least, give comic relief to others. And of course, we’d relish feedback from those who have gone before us.


And now…..

There comes a time in the lives of each and every person when they look up and realize they have changed. And at some point in this realization they see that their partner has either grown and changed in a way that was compatible or they have taken a wholly other path. For the OPL quad this is what happened for us. One of our couples was no longer travelling the same path or wanted the same things from life. Our archives chronicle the rise and fall of what we had hoped was an everlasting partnership, so feel free to start at the beginning. While our partnerships have morphed beyond the original intent we still parent 10 children and because of that will always be interconnected. While there are only three in the home now we will remain….

The “Our Poly Life” Quad: Fix, Temptress, The Laundry Goddess, and Mr. Big

All blog entries/archives  prior to January 1, 2010

chronicle our time as a functioning cross coupled



Any and all entries after that are the works of

Temptress and The Laundry Goddess as they navigate

the changing face of ” Our Poly Life.”

****  Disclaimer-  All works published within this blog are the original works of the Our Poly Life Quad and may not be re-produced without our express permission.

We write openly and honestly  and our blog contains our opinions as the writers concerning our poly journey. We invite you to read, to leave comments or feedback, however… This is OUR blog. It is full of OUR opinions. They are OURS. We own them. We will not apologize for them.


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