Our Poly Life

Our life as a Polyamorous Quad, with 10 kids.

Meet Our Kids… THEN 2006-2010

  • Drummer Boy – our 16 year old son is constantly creating rhythms on any sound bearing surface he can find.  He is lively, street smart, full of hormones, and struggling to learn how to understand and control those urges that pull him out of line so often.  Loves going and doing; is actively involved in his high school Jr ROTC program.


  • Miss Academic – our 15 year old daughter, mature beyond her years and intensely concerned about her future.  She loves reading and writing fantasy literature, and is a self proclaimed book-a-holic.  Her latest obsession revolves around involvement in her high school color guard.


  • EMO – our once ducky 14 year old daughter vacillates erratically between momentary effervescence and being intensely reactive.  Also a budding artist and authoress, she has a nature based view of life; caring for all creatures and creations around her.


  • Scout – our intrinsically curious 14 year old son; a true out of the box thinker and obstinate as the day is long.  He argues for the mere sport of it.  He is a dedicated Boy Scout pursuing Eagle and an aspiring chef.


  • Stinky Pete – Our energetic and unique 10 year old son.  Everybody knows him, everybody loves him, and everybody wants to play with him.  Loveably quirky and delights in the ability to astonish, amaze, and gross people out.


  • Casanova – our cuddly, snuggly, huggable 8 year old boy.  Blue eyed, blonde hair, fair of face, with a magnetic laugh and King of the pain inducing knee drops. His older brothers are his best buds, he shares common interests with both Dads and still thinks girls are gross.


  • Smiley Tears – our 8 year old daughter who is mostly laid back.  Her favorite “get out of jail free” phrase is “I forgot!”  She can be as bright as sunshine or illogically grief-stricken within the same 2 minute time frame.


  • Ladybug – our precocious 6 year old daughter, full of questions and mischief.  She is strongly attached to Mommy and most happy when the world responds to her whim. Her coy little smile will release her from any wrong doing (or so she thinks).


  • Houdini – our 4 year old napoleon tries to rule the family. Her displeasure with any action will be met with a grimace and a very ear piercing howl. And the most dangerous sound is the one we don’t hear, which means she has escaped (once again) the gaze of 12 older guardians and is meandering about in exploration of the great beyond.

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One response to “Meet Our Kids… THEN 2006-2010

  1. Liza says:

    That was adorable! We have a Ladybug and Scout in our home as well. Then we have our two year old who is quite possibly the most mature person in our household. She loves to clean and point out the things we “forget” to accomplish on a daily basis. We call her Hazel. =)

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