Our Poly Life

Our life as a Polyamorous Quad, with 10 kids.

Meet our kids … NOW 2011

Meet our Kids… Now (as of Spring 2011)

A few years ago I “named” our kids so they would be easier to track through the blogs of time.  As children will, they have evolved and changed, but for the sake of easy reading, I will not rename them.  Below is the updated “411” on our blessed crew.

  • Drummer Boy now named Soldier A young adult of 18 and about to take that big step into the wide, wide world.  He’s come a long way, had some tough choices to make, and still journeys with some uncertainty.  We are very proud to announce he is serving our country in the U.S. military as an Avionics Mechanic.  Please keep him and all our protectors in your thoughts and prayers.
  • Miss Academic is a  high school graduate as of May.  She is still spinning flags, reading, writing, and planning her next four years at the college of her choiceseveral hundred miles from our home.  She’s eager to be one step closer to independence.
  • EMO still earns her name on a daily basis.  She’s intense and passionate about life.  She continually awes us with her drawings and artistic talent.  Having discovered a new passion for Latin and mythology, now everyone in our home knows the phrase, “toga, toga, toga!”
  • Scout – Now a strapping young man of 6’3” he hovers above the moms.  He is our “go to” guy for those hard to reach, too heavy to lift items.  He has magically developed into a thinking, communicative teen.  Last year he spent 7 weeks as a BSA camp counselor and plans to return this year for a summer of lifeguarding.
  • Stinky Pete – Now a new teen (13), our “middle dude” shares his love of duct tape designing with the world around him.  Everybody knows him, everybody loves him.  Still loveably quirky and delights in the ability to astonish, amaze, and gross people out.
  • Casanova – This one is all boy – and dresses in pink.  Secure enough with himself to sport a magenta flat-top to match his “Tough Guys Wear Pink” T-shirt.  Blue eyed, blonde hair, fair of face, with a magnetic laugh, and a mischievous smile. 
  • Smiley Tears – our 11 year old daughter who is sweet and sincere.  She can be as bright as sunshine or illogically grief-stricken within the same 2 minute time frame.  Her interests are beginning to take root on the crafty side, but she can sci-fi with the rest of us.
  • Ladybug – A precocious 9 year old wanna-be rock star, full of questions and big ideas.  She loves being surrounded by friends and family who will allow her to regale them with songs and dance.
  • Houdini – our 6 year old Napoleon still tries to rule the family.  Set to begin 1st grade in the fall, the little caboose has traits of every older sibling that has gone before her.  She is our melting pot of children, taking on more of a poly-child than any of the others.  This year she requested Temptress and LG to accompany her to Show and Tell so she could “show my friends I really do have two mommies!”
  • #10 – The oldest…. This is the one “child” who hasn’t been a co-habiting part of OPL. She had already left for higher education when the quad was formed and has only experianced the family on the occasional visit. She is now married, living a full state away and raising the first OPL Grandaughter. Her husband and his family have made their intense dissapproval known concerning our family, and being a follower rather than a leader, she chooses not to rock the marital boat and keeps her distance.

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